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A walk from Vernant lift to Tete de Saix, Flaine to Samoens peak.

We were on holiday in Les Carroz d’Araches in the French Alps in mid June. The weather changed from overcast to warm (22 C) with clear blue skies. I had wanted to walk some of the areas that I ski during the winter so I drove towards Flaine on the D106 Route de Flaine and parked at the Vernant ski lift car park, altitude of 1750m.

I walked along the path under the Telesiege du Lac ski chair, towards the Lac de Vernant at 1840m. Below is a couple of photos of the lake and the view towards the Route de Flaine and Pointe Percee as I started the climb towards Tete de Saix.

View of Lac de Vernant in summer

View of Pointe Percee and Lac de Vernant






The view from the top of Tete de Saix was magnificent, with far reaching views over Morillon, Samoens and a snow capped view of Mont Blanc. What was surprising for June was the amount of snow still around on the ground at altitude.  Below is another photo showing the ski signage at Tete de Saix at an altitude of 2120 m and a video showing the views panning through 360 degrees. 

Tete de Saix 360 view from Mont Blanc to Le Mole

Tete de Saix ski signage in summertime

Mountain Biking near Samoens and Flaine

The return part of the journey took half the time of the ascent. The wild mountain flowers were in abundance so I took a few photos shoing the contrast in colour from a bright yellow to a deep rich violet. A mountain biker was making the ascent on of the paths.

Violet flowers on Vernant to Samoens hike

Yellow flowers on Vernat hike

A walk from Morillon to Samoens along the Giffre river

After a couple of wet days in June 2012 we decided to walk from the Adventure park near the river in Morillon, alongside the river path and into Samoens for afternoon cafe time. This walk is not strenuous as there is no elevation change and is suitable for families and older people, assuming a reasonable level of fitness, as it takes 40 minutes and was approximatley 2 miles each way.

The River Giffre was fast flowing owing to the snow melt (still significant snow at elevations above 2000m) and recent storms. I’ve included a few of photos of the river near Morillon and the path showing cyclists. At this time of the year it is perfect for white water rafting; which we saw a group doing later in the walk. The photo is taken from a bridge over the River Giffre.

River Giffre near Morillon

Walk along Giffre and Cyclists

my kind of town

White water rafting on Giffre near Samoens
White water rafting looking towards Morillon



The track of the walk is shown below, taken from Google Earth. 

Morillon to Samoens hiking track