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Les Carroz village towards Timolets piste

Skiing in Les Carroz d’Araches and Morillon March 2014

We decided to have a longer holiday in the Grand Massif and had planned a few weeks for late March and early April.
We arrived to Bluebird conditions, with temperatures of 5-10 C in the village of Les Carroz d’Araches and 0-5 degrees on the mountain, depending on altitude. Paragliders were taking the opportunity to descend from the peaks into the village and the local restaurants and bars, like Le Marlow and La Pointe Noire had people outside enjoying drinks in the sunshine and the relaxed atmosphere.

This was all to change on the weekend of March 22-24. The snow was well predicted with an estimate of 30-40 cm depending on altitude. The freezing level dropped to 300 m, meaning that snow would be widespread across the interlinked villages of Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoens, Flaine and Sixt fer Cheval. I ventured out on 23rd March to ski Les Carroz and Morillon to find some excellent skiing. In places there must have been 60 cm of snow, the trees were fully laden and visibility was bad but the powder on and off piste was fantastic.

I’ve attached photos of the Les Molliets lift. the red piste called Stade in Morillon and a view over the village of Les carroz towards the Timolets piste.

Les Molliets chair lift and snow laden pines

Les Molliets chair lift and snow laden pines

Stade piste in Morillon in deep snow

Stade piste in Morillon in deep snow

Les Carroz village towards Timolets piste

Les Carroz village towards Timolets piste

On the next few days, the weather also remained colder permitting longer day spring skiing especially in Flaine and on northern slopes in Les Carroz. The pistes were in absolutely brilliant condition with large depths of snow. We enjoyed the snow covered pistes skiing through trees in Morillon and Les Carroz and motorway crusing on long red runs in Flaine.

Attached a video of a blue piste that runs from the Biollaires chair lift.

Skiing in Grand Massif at Morillon March 2014

A walk from Morillon to Samoens along the Giffre river

After a couple of wet days in June 2012 we decided to walk from the Adventure park near the river in Morillon, alongside the river path and into Samoens for afternoon cafe time. This walk is not strenuous as there is no elevation change and is suitable for families and older people, assuming a reasonable level of fitness, as it takes 40 minutes and was approximatley 2 miles each way.

The River Giffre was fast flowing owing to the snow melt (still significant snow at elevations above 2000m) and recent storms. I’ve included a few of photos of the river near Morillon and the path showing cyclists. At this time of the year it is perfect for white water rafting; which we saw a group doing later in the walk. The photo is taken from a bridge over the River Giffre.

River Giffre near Morillon

Walk along Giffre and Cyclists

my kind of town

White water rafting on Giffre near Samoens
White water rafting looking towards Morillon



The track of the walk is shown below, taken from Google Earth. 

Morillon to Samoens hiking track